“I’m moving to Los Angeles.” I’ve said that a bunch of times to loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and total strangers in the past couple months. And the inevitable response is “Why?”. That’s fair. And not immediately obvious. I mean, it’s not like I aspire to a career in movies or music. I don’t plan on trying out for the Lakers (they should be good with the #2 pick. I don’t need to become more of an asshole…I’ve got that covered. But there are less obvious reasons for the change…


I’m a software developer. I’ve been one for a while now. Usually that confines my mental and visual focus to the monitors, keyboard, and mouse in front of me. This all changed a few months ago when I decided to strike out on my own and form Southerneer. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of cool projects from the outset which keeps me in developer mode, but I’ve also had to expand my focus to more business-y matters. Even though Southerneer is just a company of one (for now), I have aspirations of expanding that into something bigger and better in the future. I’m just not sure what that would look like yet. But I am confident that being in a big city with lots of hungry entrepreneurs will be better for figuring that part out. Now I don’t mean to slag off Chattanooga (where I am currently), it’s a great little town, but it is literally “little”…there are 175,000 people in the city on a big day. Compare that to almost 4 million souls in LA. That’s like 23 Chattanoogas. That represents a lot of opportunity, energy, and interaction for a burgeoning business.

Lifestyle and Dating

I grew up in the South and there are parts of southern living that I love and will miss when I move out West. It’ll be harder to find good barbeque and nearly impossible to find real sweet tea unless I make it myself. People won’t be as polite and their accents won’t drip from their mouths like molasses. Sigh. But there are other parts of southern living that don’t so much apply to me…like Christianity and general moral conservatism. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if it weren’t for the fact that I’m 31 and single and actively searching for a like-minded lady. I’m sure they do exist in Chattanooga, but the chances of finding one are so much slimmer in a city this small in this part of the country. Chattanooga is the kind of place you move after you’re married and want to settle down to raise a family. I’m just looking to date but the pool is shallow.


Being self-employed has made me hyper-attuned to the elements of my surroundings that make me more or less productive. For instance, I recognized very early on that I can “lock in” much easier when I’m either alone or at least don’t have to worry about speaking or otherwise paying attention to anyone around me. Conversely, my productivity plummets when it’s cold and/or dreary outside. I can counteract the depression a bit with distractions and conversation with other people, but of course this does nothing to help with productivity based on that first observation. So the sweet spot is attention isolation + good weather. In this sense, Los Angeles is perfect…most of the time.


I’m kind of an NBA nut. I played lots of basketball as a kid and I grew up going to Hornets games. I went to UNC-Chapel Hill for college and the Tarheels won it all in 2005 – my senior year. They won it again in 2009 when I was still living in the area. College basketball kind of lost its appeal for me soon after that and I got enmeshed in the minutiae of the pro game. All this is to say that LA will be a huge upgrade since they have not one but two NBA franchises in town. And I just managed to secure Clippers season tickets!!!!!

This is normally where a conclusion/wrap-up paragraph would go but I’m not so good at writing and I need to get some work done. Go Clips.